A strong, comprehensive network of seasoned professionals is a founding principle and priority for Synchrony Bio.

Synchrony Bio’s extensive network provides access to a wide range of potential investments across all healthcare sectors. While our model is ideally structured to accelerate and maximize returns on early-stage deals where we have exceptional insight through our network of institutional investors and industry experts, we also opportunistically pursue later stage investments likely to improve overall fund performance.

We designed and organized our network to be actively engaged, highly coordinated and well incentivized.

  • Founders, Fortune 500 C-suite VPs/execs, Industry thought leaders
  • Investment bankers, VCs, Sales and Marketing execs
  • Physicians, Scientists, Lab directors
  • Regulatory, QA, Legal, Intellectual property experts
  • Design and Development firms, Market research analysts


  • East Coast: NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, North Carolina
  • Midwest: St. Louis, Minneapolis, Michigan
  • West Coast: Seattle, Bay Area, SoCal
  • International: Ireland, Toronto, Australia


The Synchrony Bio team places significant emphasis on maximizing the efficiency of time, especially for the busy professionals in our network. We dedicate significant effort and resources to process optimization and planning. This ensures we can maximize the impact of every hour of engagement and interaction with the Network.


The experts in our network have no shortage of opportunities to keep them busy. We go above and beyond being “just another consulting gig.”  We believe there is tremendous power in organizing our network to deliver a higher level of fulfillment and excitement for those involved. This will ultimately lead to a collective realization of superior returns on the investment of both money and time.