Our Approach

Synchrony Bio, at its core, is an investment fund modeled on the belief that highly engaged seasoned talent is key to achieving superior returns in seed-stage ventures.
Our model aligns industry talent and expertise with investment capital and process efficiencies. This coordinated approach enables our team to effectively organize and apply late-stage resources to early-stage investing and venture development, thereby mitigating risk, amplifying value and accelerating timelines.

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Extended Network

A strong, comprehensive network of seasoned professionals is a founding principle and priority for Synchrony Bio. We designed and organized an actively engaged network while maximizing the efficiency of time for these busy professionals. This ensures that we can amplify the impact of every hour of engagement with the network.
Delivering a higher level of fulfillment and excitement for those involved will ultimately lead to a collective realization of superior returns on the investment of both money and time.

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Our Team

Our Managing Directors have over 70 years of combined experience as founders, investors, executives and advisors in biomedical and life science startups, as well as large industry experience.

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