Synchrony Bio believes there is significant opportunity to achieve consistently superior investor returns in early-stage biomedical and life science ventures. Our model is designed to overcome historical gaps and challenges in the medical device and diagnostic ecosystem. Synchrony’s model is built on 3 pillars: seasoned talent, staged investment capital, and process efficiencies.  Alignment of all three is critically important for medical device and diagnostics ventures, where margins for error are very thin.

We leverage deep industry experience and technical expertise to pinpoint early-stage ventures in under-served healthcare sectors where our significant ongoing support can maximize efficiencies and produce superior returns.

The effectiveness of the Synchrony Bio model was demonstrated fully with our first Fund. We efficiently sourced high-quality deals, performed deep due diligence, closed investments (7 total in <9 months), and added significant value to our early-stage portfolio.

Fund II will apply the same approach, including a diversified portfolio with early stage deals in sectors aligned with our expertise, and more mature deals from any healthcare sector, made available to us by our close network of large institutional investors.

Synchrony Bio was established based on a long-term vision. The early success of Fund I has quickly generated additional interest and support for a larger follow-on Fund II, attracting new partners, investors and advisors.

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  • Seasoned Talent – Comprehensive, coordinated and engaged
  • Access to high-quality early-stage deal flow
  • Early Market Analysis and Industry Insight – Obtaining early voice-of-customer data is essential, along with understanding what the industry wants and needs, especially prospective strategic partners.
  • Robust Due Diligence – Identifying companies with truly unique technologies that address important unmet needs and a clear path to strategic partnering and acquisition.
  • Efficiency of Time – Ensuring maximum value is extracted from every hour of coordination between expert, investor, entrepreneur or other stakeholder.
  • Efficiency of Capital – Keeping portfolio companies’ use of funds laser-focused on achieving milestones that add value.
  • Leveraging synergy within and consolidating resources across the portfolio.
  • Supporting pursuit of alternative markets and commercialization strategies to drive validation and revenues prior to regulatory approvals.